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NDIS with FitTech Studios

FitTech Studio’s is the leading specialists in lifestyle fitness innovation technology. Newly registered as an approved service provider for NDIS, FitTech are about to lead the Illawarra in an innovating approach to client care tailored to NDIS participants.

With exercise physiology (EP) specialists and highly qualified fitness professionals, FitTech will be offering services such as individual personalised training sessions, driven by each participants selective needs to achieve their goals. Participant centred care will show traditional training methods are now in the past and out dated with the (optional) use of EMS.

FitTech as a service provider, pride themselves on “training smarter, NOT HARDER”. As a new and prosperous NDIS service provider, FitTech have achieved continuous goals driven by reviewed outcome measures and personalised care of current members.


Our services include

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Personal Training

  • Group Training

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In a snippet what is EMS?

FitTech utlise EMS through wireless training suits that use electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions. EMS used in training creates automatic muscle contraction through electric impulses, this mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, allowing electrical impulses to be sent in order to contract the desired muscle. So in summary, your muscles are working a lot harder for a lot less effort to achieve results ALOT quicker. FitTech have the only wireless EMS system in the Illawarra and South Coast to allow for comfortable and less invasive training sessions. On the left side please find some of our legends we proudly trained and worked with to achieve their goals with the use of EMS

Time Saving - only 20 min

Yes, you read right. 20 minutes EMS training is all you need to replace a four-hour traditional workout. EMS is the most sophisticated exercise equipment currently available.

Deep muscle activation

Using state of the art EMS technology, our training sessions will get up to 90% of muscle fibres engaged.

Low impact on Joints

Our Visionbody suit does the majority of the work so that your joints and tendons don't have to. We minimise heavy impact activities so it's perfect for anyone with injuries or joint problems who have previously struggled in this area

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Dan and the team at FITTECH really know their stuff. The suits help you get the most out of your workout and the trainers tailor workouts to individual ability.

Matthew Long
Founding member

I couldn’t do a single sit up before, now I can do them for reps with a 3kg medicine ball in my hands. All of this while I was loosing fat and building muscle, dropping 8% body fat in 2 months.

Takla Tabet
Founding member

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