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Who we are

FITTECH a is a boutique fitness studio. We provide fitness training using full-body suits that harnesses Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. It’s a whole body workout that helps busy individuals save time with a 20 minute training session. An EMS workout at FITTECH is up to 4X more efficient than your traditional workout. With FITTECH , you’re able to do a 90-minute workout in 20 minutes.

We’re giving you back your hard-earned free time. You don’t need weights, you don’t need gear, all you need to do is Just Show Up

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What are the benefits

Time saving workout

Yes, you read right. 20 minutes EMS training is all you need to replace a four-hour traditional workout. EMS is the most sophisticated exercise equipment currently available.

Deep muscle activation

Maximum performance increases by up to 30% in just a few weeks, and muscle mass grows by up to 14% in just a few months. Using state of the art EMS technology, our training sessions will get you your target body shape, in as little time and effort as possible.

Can help reduce back pain

There are a lot of causes of back pain in our modern world; things such as heavy physical work and sitting for long periods of time at a desk can really take it toll. An EMS workout can help you to train weaker muscles which results in the load on the spine being reduced, as well as bringing some reduced pain relief.

When can I see results?

Day 1

From day 1 you will notice all the muscles even in places you thought there was nothing there. Your body will release endorphins and you will feel amazing

After 4 sessions

You will start seeing and feeling your muscles tone, improving posture and you will not want to stop training.

After 2 months

Others will start noticing and asking you what you have been doing. When combined with our lifestyle advice you will also experience reduction in fat


Even more benefits

Low impact on joints

Our Visionbody suit does the majority of the work so that your joints and tendons don't have to. We minimise heavy impact activities so it's perfect for anyone with injuries or joint problems who have previously struggled in this area.

Reduce Cellulite

As a result of the muscle toning the skin that lays above them is tightened which results in a smoother appearance. On top of this wearing our Visionbody suit promotes healthy blood circulation which can enhance cellulite reduction

Improved Posture

EMS training is highly effective in targeting deep postural muscles and strengthening them. In doing so, it can help improve core strength and address and correct any muscle imbalances that could be affecting posture. EMS training is so targeted and controlled that it ensures equal muscle activation on all body parts so that you can’t over work one side.

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Dan and the team at FITTECH really know their stuff. The suits help you get the most out of your workout and the trainers tailor workouts to individual ability.

Matthew Long
Founding member

I couldn’t do a single sit up before, now I can do them for reps with a 3kg medicine ball in my hands. All of this while I was loosing fat and building muscle, dropping 8% body fat in 2 months.

Takla Tabet
Founding member

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