Why FitTech License? Train Mobile or in Studio

FITTECH a is a boutique fitness studio and the first to introduce functional and wireless EMS to Australia in 2017. We provide business license opportunities for entrepreneurs in this fast-growing EMS sector of the fitness industry. With low start-up costs and a proven track record, a FitTech Studios business license involves low risk and high potential returns with extensive partner support. With a proven track record of success, FitTech Studios have been in Austalia since 2017 operating strong and growing

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What are the benefits of FitTech

Regional and local support

From local marketing ideas and support, to an active public relations campaign, marketing and social media strategy, FitTech Studios will get the word out about your studio.

Low Startup cost

Get started with a low initial investment. Minimal equipment needed. And because we run our model as a business license and not a franchise you will be your own boss but will enjoy our extensive support as part of the business license. No royalties.


FitTech Studios have an in-house team that will work with our trusted partners to get you up and running stress-free including the provision of equipment, manuals, software and more as part of the partner package

High ROI

You only need a micro gym with a team of personal trainers and you’re set! Set-up as small as 60sqm. Tap on the great potential for recurring monthly revenue

Talk to us about Finance options


Weekly repayments can be considered an operating expense of the business, just like wages or rent.


Save your hard earned capital for marketing and growing your business, don’t waste it on depreciating assets.


Enjoy the flexibility to choose your term, from 12 months to 5 years, as well as end of term options that suit you


The FitTech Opportunity

Tried and test

FitTech Studios are tried and tested model across Australia. Uniquely established in Australia, adhering to Australian standard and here to stay.

Unique concept

To free ourselves from old EMS training concepts, we started by severing the cable and replacing it with the latest in wireless Bluetooth technology. This allows for more freedom of movement in the training space, both indoors and outdoors. To do so, we have revolutionised the electrodes, so you no longer need get “wet” during training. And if you think all that just goes skin-deep, you should take a look at the DNA of Visionbody: Arbitrary Waveform Generation, Duty Cycle Variation and BodyQKey are just three of the boosters that go to make Visionbody the rising star in the EMS heaven—along with you.


Growth of group fitness programs (%)

The only category that can be used with the other categories (eg wear VisionBody during CrossFit, Outdoor, Spin or Yoga)
Happy clients
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Latest news

Dan and the team at FITTECH really know their stuff. The suits help you get the most out of your workout and the trainers tailor workouts to individual ability.

Matthew Long
Founding member

I couldn’t do a single sit up before, now I can do them for reps with a 3kg medicine ball in my hands. All of this while I was loosing fat and building muscle, dropping 8% body fat in 2 months.

Takla Tabet
Founding member

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