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At Home Low Impact Cardio Session!

Struggle with high impact sessions due to constant aches and pains, or specific injuries?

This at home low impact cardio session will still have you sweating, whilst minimising the pressure and impact put onto your joints!

At any time during the session if you feel any pain that is not just muscular soreness please try an easier version of the move or completely stop the exercise. You don’t want to aggravate an injury, that is not the point of exercising. 

A warm up is just as crucial as the session itself! Make sure you warm up all your joints and muscles and increase your heart rate before this session!

Warm up: 

Start off with some dynamic stretches, (hamstring stretch, hip openers and closers, windmills, shoulder rolls and shoulder hugs)

Then complete 2 rounds of:

10 x squats (use a chair if needed)

10 x incline push ups (or regular)

10 x step out jumping jacks

10 x crab walks each side

The session: 

For this session we want a timer with 30 seconds on and 15 seconds rest!

There are 3 circuits with 3 exercises, 3 rounds on each!

Circuit 1:

  • Squat to calf raise
  • Bird dog (make sure you are adding that crunch)
  • Single leg glute bridge

Circuit 2:

  • Squat and reach 
  • Squat hold shadow boxing
  • Leg raises

Circuit 3:

  • Toe touch crunches
  • Reverse lunge with arms overhead
  • Squat hold with lateral taps

Ouch that would have burned! Make sure you have a good stretch after this workout and maybe followed by a 5-10 minute cool down walk!

Our FitTech Team has been sharing as many workouts at home as we can. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our home exercise page here with some example workouts you can do at home. 

Like always the team is here to help you! If you feel you need further help with your exercise journey please send us an email or call us, you can find our contact details here.

Keep an eye out as we will be posting more workouts soon!

Team FitTech!

Abby Simpson

EMS Trainer/Personal Trainer @FitTech Studios

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