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Common mistakes people make which are that are sabotaging their metabolism and how to shed fat without excessive exercise and dieting.

Have you ever gone on a diet to lose weight and seen magnificent results on the scales but then the second you return to normal eating, stack every gram back on?

Have you slogged away at the gym to only find minimal results in your physical goals? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions it is most likely because you are focusing on things you can do to create a calorie deficit rather than focusing on increasing your metabolic rate (calories your body needs to burn to function)! If you would like to learn how to make the best out of your time spent working out to turn your body into a calorie burning machine, then read on!

“That’s right you can lose weight and burn fat without going on a strict diet, how awesome is that?!”


Common mistakes people make that sabotage their metabolism and calorie burning capabilities. 

  1. Focusing only on calories burnt during a workout rather than focusing on increasing Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). The greatest component of your total metabolism is your resting metabolic rate (RMR) — the amount of calories needed to fuel the body’s essential functions, such as digestion, breathing and heart pumping. Your rate is greatly influenced by your age, muscle mass and total weight. Lesser factors, but still important, that affect the metabolic rate are genetics, hormone levels and vitamin levels, as well as increases in physical activity. That’s right! Muscle mass has a much higher influence on our bodies RMR than increases in physical activity. Don’t get me wrong, increases in physical activity are a crucial element of physical and mental wellbeing so keep that up! Plus the only way to increase muscle mass is by using those muscles!
  2. Crash dieting is a recipe for metabolic disaster. A calorie deficit causes weight loss, yes. So when we restrict our calories through severe strict diets we will decrease weight…..what we will also decrease is our RMR. Our bodies are incredible things, they adapt and over time will adjust to your new found lowered calorie intake decreasing your RMR. This means the second you decide living off 1200 calories a day isn’t sustainable your body goes oh goodie thank you for all these excess calories I am going to store these for you as FAT. 
  3. Wasting time on the wrong type of workouts. Slogging away on cardio machines at the gym will burn calories, help increase your cardiovascular health and is also great for your mental state. If you’re running or cycling or swimming you will also be using your Slow twitch muscle fibres these are our endurance muscle fibres which are different from our fast twitch muscle fibres. However if we only focus on cardio workouts we are missing a crucial ingredient for weight loss and that is increasing our RMR which is achieved by increased muscle mass (especially fast twitch fibres which I will get to later). This is why including a strength training routine in your workout schedule is essential for achieving sustainable weight loss, especially fat loss! 

Proof that Muscle Mass dramatically increases metabolism and effects of increased metabolism

  1. Some of the leanest people in the world are weightlifters. The Soviet national team has a standard of 6-7% body fat for everyone except the heavyweight lifters. But why is that? None of them are performing strenuous Crossfit sessions or jogging 1-2hours a day at a steady-state mode? The simple answer is their muscle mass has turned them into calorie burning machines!
  2. How EMS helps you increase muscle without the need of lifting heavy weights. EMS stands for Electro muscle stimulation. Simply put the Visionbody suit sends electrical impulses to your muscles to promote muscle contractions also known as tension. EMS causes Slow-twitch (used for endurance) and Fast-twitch (used for strength and power) muscle fibers to contract which means that every second of your workout you will be recruiting muscles from your full body, activating more muscle and therefore ramping up your caloric burn and strengthening every part of your body.
  3. It has been regularly reported that for every 450grams of muscle, your body will burn an extra 50-100 calories per day. Read on to find out even more about the different types of muscle fibres needed for fat loss explained by world class scientist Yasuhiro Izumiya.



“ What’s even better, you don’t need to be built like a Russian weightlifter or a boxer to achieve increased fast/glycolytic muscle mass.”

Renowned Japanese Scientist Yasuhiro Izumiya, performed a study on the effect fast/glycolytic muscle fibres have on the metabolism.

The findings of this study showed that an increase in fast/glycolytic muscle mass can result in the regression of obesity and metabolic improvement through its ability to alter fatty acid oxidation in remote tissues.

(Read scientific paper here https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18249175/

What makes this study so exceptional was the finding that increased fast/glycolytic muscle mass resulted in “Fat tissue loss and an increased metabolism (resting calorie burn) without changing physical activity or diet.”

This means you don’t have to rely on things like crazy functional Training routines, long-distance running, or EPOC, otherwise known as ‘the afterburn effect,’ and you don’t have to rely on getting your heart rate up to burn off calories. ( With this said of course, eating clean will get you lean faster, you can’t outtrain a bad diet!)

 Results from the current study indicate the modest increases in type 2B skeletal muscle mass can have a profound systemic effect on whole-body metabolism and adipose tissue.

So how do we hammer our type 2B skeletal muscle mass a.k.a. “fast fibres”?

There are only three ways: heavy, explosive, or a combination of both.

But wait! There is one more: Visionbody EMS Training. Yes, that’s right, EMS! Our visionary EMS suit helps you train up to 80% fast fibres and help you build up these fibres effectively without all the above-mentioned training methods.

Just put on your EMS PowerSuit and start a “Slow Circuit” of Air Squats, Planks, and elevated Push-ups.

The Visionbody system provides muscular stimulation utilising electrical signals at different frequencies and applies tension to your whole body forcing your muscles to adapt and grow stronger & faster than with regular training. It is also a perfect add on to your regular training routine like tennis, soccer, running, and fitness training. Simply combine it with the exercises you love and power up your training. 


This is also a healthier way to train because…

  • its more friendly to your joints if you have issues with that.
  • it will help you better understand muscle tension in a safe way.
  • helps you not to bulk up but be stronger in life.
  • it can be combined with almost every exercise you know and love!

Get your PowerSuit now and start to build your stronger and leaner you today!