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The Ultimate Guide to Training From Home!

Hey crew, are you struggling for motivation in lockdown 2.0?

Are you wondering how you can stay on top of your fitness and well-being whilst being stuck at home?

I know I definitely lost a lot of motivation for this lockdown, but after trialing many strategies and continuously trying to increase my self-motivation, I finally have the answers.

Try to follow these step by step guides to own your training from home 😉

1. Just like going to the gym or booking into classes

Set out a time for you to exercise each day. As well as mapping out your rest days. Just the same as you would at the gym! Don’t ruin this perfect routine we had going on!!

At-Home Training!

2. Book yourself into online classes to stay motivated or work with a coach

Struggle with self-motivation? Jump in on one of our at-home zoom sessions or an outdoor session with one of our Personal Trainers! This can help you stay accountable and motivated to get your sessions done!

3. Utilise all the free at home workouts that are being posted online! 

There are so many workouts being spread all over the internet during these lockdowns! Utilise our workouts posted on our blog or our socials!

4. Break up your time of sitting with a 5 minute stand up and stretch each hour

Breaking up seated time has multiple benefits to our improve out NEAT and decrease our sedentary behaviors. It will also make you feel more inclined to fit in a training session ;).

5. Have a set space in the house that is where you will exercise (and minimal distractions)

It can be so easy to be distracted during our sessions, especially at home. Try and find a minimal distracting space to get in and get it done!

6. Have a good playlist to rock out to during your session

Never let the beats stop!! We all love a good jam session whilst exercising! So don’t let this stop you at home!

7. Try to short sharp sessions with minimal rest so it doesn’t take up a big chunk of your time!

Quick, short, sharp exercise sessions! What more could you want! This will maximise the efficiency of your sessions and minimise the time spent on training.

Keeping active is so important. So our FitTech Team will be sharing as many workouts at home as we can. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our home exercise page here with some example workouts you can do at home. 

Don’t let tighter restrictions worry you. There are many things you can still do if you are worried about staying healthy and active. We are coming up with new things daily to help out, but if there is something you specifically want to see please reach out. We are happy to chat and help as much as we can!

Send us an email or call us, you can find our contact details here.

Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks soon!

Abby Simpson

EMS Trainer/Personal Trainer @FitTech Studios

Book a Session with Abby here

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