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Do you struggle with aches or pains from high-impact sessions?

Or need to be quiet for when the kids are sleeping at home? 😉

Here’s a session for you! This is a lower-body at-home low impact workout.

Warm Up

A warm-up is crucial so make sure you are starting with this! (focusing on lower limbs)

Start off with some dynamic stretches (hip openers and closes, hamstring stretch, windmills, torso twists)

Then perform 2 Rounds:

10x squats

10x lunges

3x inchworms

10x glute bridge

10x touch and reach


For this session, we will have 10 exercises, set up a timer at 35 seconds with a 15-second rest! Completing 3 rounds!

  1. Touch and reach squats
  2. Lateral lunge and reach
  3. Glute bridge
  4. Crab walks
  5. Wall sit
  6. Sit to stand
  7. Walking lunges
  8. Squat and 180 turn
  9. Lying single leg abduction (L)
  10. Lying single leg abduction (R)

Make sure you are controlling your breath and hydrating for this one crew!

Warm Down

Remember to stretch after your session and drink lots of water! Remember a good 10-minute stretch will have you thanking yourself later on.

You can do it!

Our FitTech Team has been sharing as many workouts at home as we can. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our home exercise page here with some example workouts you can do at home.

Send us an email or call us, you can find our contact details here.

Keep an eye out as we will be posting more workouts soon!

Abby Simpson

EMS Trainer/Personal Trainer @FitTech Studios

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