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It feels like forever ago that I was able to get a good cardio session in. I have been dying to create something for you guys that still gets a good sweat going at home. Be warned this one is a killer but I know you’ll love it!

No equipment, 23 minutes, no excuses! 

Warm Up

Regardless what exercise you are completing during lockdown, even if its a walk, it is crucial to warm up to avoid injury!
Start off with some dynamic stretches! (hamstring stretch, open and close hips, torso twists, shoulder rolls)

Then perform 2 Rounds:

  • 10 x squats
  • 10 x lunges
  • 3 x inchworms
  • 10 x glute bridge


Set your timer to:
30 seconds on
10 seconds Rest
Complete the same Exercise 5 times before moving on to the next one

  1. Crab walks (can add a band if you wish)
  2. Leg raises 
  3. Squat to jump lunge
  4. Penguins
  5. Burpees
  6. Bicycle crunches
  7. Skaters

Stay on one exercise for 5 rounds and smash it out!
Let’s go, crew! You can do it!

This one is a killer, make sure you share with us how you went, and what you would love to see next on our Facebook

Warm Down

Ensure you stretch after your session and have a healthy meal!

Nutrition is key!

Keeping active is so important. So our FitTech Team will be sharing as many workouts at home as we can. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our home exercise page here with some example workouts you can do at home. 

And if you’re worried about staying healthy and active, or having issues with pain, injuries or other problems during lockdown, get in touch. We are happy to chat and help as much as we can!

Send us an email to or call us, you can find our contact details here.

Stay safe and stay healthy 🙂 

Abby Simpson

EMS Trainer/Personal Trainer @FitTech Studios

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  1. Good afternoon dear Abby ….. those exercises you have displayed are all very well for people your age but you are completely forgetting those folk in their 70s etc that also attend Fittech. Just a thought.

    1. Hi John. Thank you very much for your feedback. Totally understandable. We are putting across different workouts that will suit the majority of people but some might find it difficult. That is why we have prepared a modified version of this workout that beginners or more mature people can give it a try. The explanation video can be found here:

      Our exercise physiologists do look after people from different ages and they have designed programs specific to their needs. So if anybody at any time is not feeling comfortable with parts of the workout we have shown above they should stop and should get in touch with us if assistance is required. As always pleasure to be of service to you and our community and if any further assistance is required please reach out.

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