How it all began


Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been around for centuries. From ancient nations discovering the power of the electric eel to now utilising it for rehabilitation and performance. There are a lot of studies on the topic however we have picked a few that we will share with you below. Selected studies of Whole-body Electrostimulation. Showing how EMS helps 89% of test subject to reduce back pain and how it can improve performance in athletes by 30% in comparison to classic methods.

Clinical studies showing improvements in muscle strength by 27% after 8 weeks of EMS training in athletes. Further more how EMS can help with recovery as well.

20 minutes EMS training is all you need to replace a four-hour traditional workout. EMS is the most sophisticated exercise equipment currently available.

With VisionBody, maximum performance increases by up to 30% in just a few weeks, and muscle mass grows by up to 14% in just a few months. Using state of the art EMS technology, our training sessions will get you your target body shape, in as little time and effort as possible.

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